Coyotes get a bad rap. Heck, most top-end predators are typically demonized by the townsfolk where they live. That’s the way it’s been for centuries, according to the biologists I’ve talked to.

I figure coyotes are just getting by, doing coyote-like things. That’s neither good nor bad. It’s just nature. And sometimes nature is ugly.

Sometimes, though, nature is fun to watch, even if a coyote is the star of the show.

Nathan Lozier of Meddybemps sent us this brief video, with a brief description: “A coyote calling in his friends on my bait pile.”

And that’s exactly what the video shows — a single coyote turning its nose to the sky and letting loose a series of howls.

Now, before you hit “play” on this video, I’ve got a pro tip for you: If you’ve got dogs in your household, you might want to plug in a pair of earphones first. Or at the very least, turn down the volume.

I didn’t do either, and I immediately learned something.

Apparently, both of my dogs can speak fluent coyote. And neither of them seemed overly impressed with what this had to say. Simply stated, we nearly had a rebellion among my suddenly alarmed pooches.

My dogs, it seems, are among those who think coyotes are scary, hungry beasts.

I told you they get a bad rap.

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