A coyote walks calmly along a woods trail near the Dennysville River in Down East Maine. Credit: Courtesy of Jaime Harmon

There are plenty of coyotes roaming the woods of Maine, but they’re often fairly elusive.

People who are out and about might hear a group of coyotes howling in the evening, or might catch a passing glimpse of one running away after having been alerted to the presence of a human.

That’s part of what makes today’s trail camera photo from Jaime Harmon pretty neat.

The coyote pictured is taking a leisurely stroll along a path in the woods behind Jaime’s home in Down East Maine, near the Dennysville River.

Note the neat way the texture of the coyote’s fur blends in with the shades of black and white in the photo, which Jaime said was actually from 5:02 a.m. as the time noted on the camera is incorrect.

Jaime apparently gets quite a bit of wildlife activity on the camera, so hopefully we can share more of them with you in the future.

And if you have any trail cam photos and videos you think are interesting, please send them along to my email address below!

Thanks for the submission, Jaime!

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