Story Trails of Maine is a free mobile application featuring self-guided tours, adventures, and scavenger hunts across different towns in Maine. The program, developed by Farmington Underground, will allow people to learn the stories of different Maine communities, support local businesses, and explore the outdoors with friends and family.

“We want to give people an accessible way to explore their communities with a fun adventure,” said creator Joe Musumeci. “We work with the features already in a community to share forgotten history or lead people to interesting sites. This can work in locations of any size, and our goal is that once you complete one story trail, you will want to try another one in a different part of Maine.”

Each town’s story trail has their own stories to follow with different locations to visit. Story trails also include short puzzles to solve and clues to find in the various local areas. Each trail typically takes about 1 hour to complete, but they are all self-paced and self-guided so you get to control the experience.

There are currently story trails available in Farmington, Orono, and China. 

“Our newest trail in China leads groups through the four historic villages in the town, where they will need to look for a clue at each location, take a picture, and then solve a short puzzle using the app,” said Musumeci. “It’s a lot of fun, and the locations are so interesting to explore.”

Story Trails of Maine is available for free download on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Anyone interested in having a story trail set up in their local area can send an email to