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Waldo County deserves more information

First, I want to commend Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Nirav Shah, and Gov. Janet Mills on the excellent job they have done keeping the public informed during the COVID pandemic. I am, however, appalled at the paucity of information being provided on the recent dramatic increase in cases in Waldo County.

The current 14-day average of new cases reported in Waldo County is around 15 per day, nearly double the previous maximum of 8 per day in May. The per capita infection rate is much higher than any other county in Maine. CDC rates the risk of transmission as high. Yet the only information we get is that there is “community transmission” and there are two small outbreaks (15 people at a church in Searsmont, eight Waldo County Hospital employees).

When I go to local stores, many people are not wearing masks, including some employees. There has been no mandatory indoor mask mandate, or new guidance on outdoor gatherings. The coastal towns have high vaccination rates, interior towns less so. Where are cases occurring? Why are we having this explosion in cases? Why have there been no public press briefings? The people of Waldo County deserve better information and guidance until this latest regional outbreak subsides.

Susan Conard


Support your local paper

On Saturday my Bangor Daily News paper did not arrive until 8:30 a.m. The usual time of delivery is around 6:30 a.m. Instead of being irritated I was concerned. After reading about the financial struggles of the paper and their effort to stay afloat, I became sorely aware of what it would be like without my morning paper. I rely on it. It is the first order of business along with my first cup of coffee every day except Sunday.

Have people thought of what it would be like not to have their local news fix along with the editorial take on state and national news? Not to be able to pick it up at the grocery store or access the digital version? What about George Danby’s award winning political cartoons (how does he come up with those each and every day?)

We have to take this seriously. Just because the BDN has always been there does not mean it will continue to be there in the future. Make a donation. Support your local newspaper. People may not always agree with its scope, commentary or perspective but I think they’ll agree that the BDN should remain part of our daily life. Donations can be made online at

Suzanne Kelly


Why trust the media?

Why would anyone trust members of the media who for three years basically  told us Donald Trump was a Russian spy? Why would we trust health “experts” who tell us MAGA rallies are super-spreader events and Black Lives Matter protests and Obama birthday parties are not?

Why would anyone trust a government that told us we were winning in Afghanistan? Why would anyone trust the institutions that told us Trump could never win, Brexit could never happen, riots are “mostly peaceful,” Andrew Cuomo epitomizes leadership, Hunter Biden’s laptop is Russian disinformation, Trump voters spread COVID, and migrants don’t, the coronavirus came from a bat and definitely not a lab, killer hurricanes are on the way, and Trump supporters killed a police officer with a  fire extinguisher?

Why would anyone trust a Democratic Party that tells us to wear a mask and is then caught not wearing masks? Why would anyone trust a health community that locked us down even as Texas, Florida, and South Dakota showed lockdowns changed little? Think maybe it’s time to change the channel?

Jack Gagnon