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Bold and immediate climate action

The recent release of the IPCC report unequivocally shows we are not doing enough to address climate change. We will be seeing increased flooding, droughts, heat waves, and other natural disasters, in Maine and the rest of the world.

As a state that relies heavily on our natural resource economy, our federal legislators must lead the way in large-scale, bold solutions to climate change. We now have the opportunity to take national action in Congress on climate change during reconciliation.

The 20 largest fossil fuel companies account for more than a third of today’s global greenhouse gas emissions, and these industries are subs idized by billions of dollars from the U.S. government despite making enormous profits. We must end fossil fuel subsidies and use that money to fund renewable energy, green infrastructure, and aiding those most affected by climate change.

We know what we have to do, and we have the power to do it — we can fund electrified public transportation, create clean energy tax incentives, retrofit schools, hospitals and public buildings, and clean up communities burdened by environmental damage like abandoned oil wells and mines. Every day we wait to take these concrete, achievable steps, more greenhouse gases are pumped into the atmosphere. More species will go extinct, people will suffer, and my generation’s future will be further jeopardized.

The opportunity for reconciliation is the very beginning of the fight for our future, and I urge Rep. Jared Golden to take immediate, bold and just action.

Hallie Arno


Joe Biden’s priorities

There is no way we can blame President Joe Biden and his administration for the deadly, botched exit from Afghanistan. This administration has many other more important tasks that they have to accomplish. The president and vice president are so busy welcoming migrants, some of them carrying COVID, into our country and are also apparently doing their very best to re-establishing OPEC’s dominance over the world energy market by successfully killing our own energy independence that was finally achieved under President Donald Trump. We became a net energy exporter, even. Naturally that cannot stand under a Biden administration.

Our military establishment, led by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Gen. Mark Milley, also show where their priorities lie. They seem to be busy ensuring that critical race theory is presented to service members and that they learn how to use correct pronouns, and busy hunting for white supremacists and white rage among our service women and men and removing them expediently from the service.

With all this important work, how can they be expected to work on an orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan?

I wonder if our adversaries have the same priorities for their troops? I believe they train their troops for one common purpose only: to be the best fighters they can be.

So for all you doubters: Shut up and let this administration work out their priorities. It’s best for the country.

Peter Petersen


Get rid of the filibuster

How did the U.S. Congress become one driven by who can stand and talk longest, to an empty chamber, about literally nothing, with no more purpose than to prevent a piece of legislation from being deliberated by the very body elected to deliberate on our behalf?

And to think that the next time this childish obstruction could be employed would be in the name of preventing a bill that grants unfettered access to voting and representation to every American citizen! I implore Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King to treat the pervasive farce of filibuster for what it is. Get rid of it. And to vote in favor of unfettered democratic opportunity for us all.

Phil Crossman