If you're a muralist with a connection to Maine, apply to Heart of Ellsworth’s Downtown Ellsworth Mural Project. An RFQ has been posted at heartofellsworth.org/downtown-mural and will remain open until Oct. 4. Courtesy of Kyle Lamont of Good To Go Studios

ELLSWORTH — Heart of Ellsworth is continuing phase one of a downtown Ellsworth outdoor public art mural and is inviting artists to submit qualifications through a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) process. An RFQ has been posted at heartofellsworth.org/downtown-mural and will remain open until Oct. 4 when the application process closes. At that time applications will be reviewed from the qualifying pool of applicants. 

The site for the mural will be a brick building on the banks of the Union River and the selected artist will work with the Heart of Ellsworth Mural Committee, community groups, and volunteers to research potential subjects. The selected artist will create renderings of 2- 3 options, which will be put out for community input. The selection committee will select the final design. 

Over the winter the selected artist will work with the H of E staff and committee to plan spring activities, student involvement, and the mural actualization process. Cara Romano, Heart of Ellsworth’s executive director said, “Our ambition is that this project will kindle the community’s support for future public art, leading to a richer cultural experience and economic development in downtown Ellsworth.” She continued, “It is our intention to involve the community in not only the design but also the actual painting of the mural.”

The mural site was donated by Coastal Interiors and initial seed money was received from Maine Community Foundation. Recent funding from the Maine Arts Commission will move the project toward the next phase. The second phase includes subject research, community engagement, promotion, and fundraising. The third phase involves the actual painting of the mural and is scheduled for the spring/fall of 2022. Heart of Ellsworth is currently exploring all funding opportunities through grants and community support.

On Oct. 2-3 H of E will host the annual Art of Ellsworth: Maine Craft Weekend. This year’s celebration will focus on fundraising and raising awareness of the Mural project. The public will be invited to attend the outdoor event and a variety of activities will be offered.

Heart of Ellsworth welcomes community support for the project through volunteer and monetary contributions. For more information, to donate or to express interest in volunteering for this project, visit heartofellsworth.org/downtown-mural