Whitley Nabintu Marshall. Contributed photo

Portland resident, Whitley Nabintu Marshall, the reigning International Ms. New England titleholder, will be traveling to Manhattan on Sept. 8 to compete in the International Ms. competition and USA Top Model competition taking place during New York Fashion Week in Times Square. 

Whitley will be modeling in three runway shows hosted by Beauty it’s Everywhere and Art & Beauty Magazine during New York Fashion Week on Sept. 11 at the Stewart Hotel in Times Square. The USA Top Model competition will be held that morning, and the International Ms. Pageant is the following day, Sunday, Sept. 12, at the Marriott Marquis from 11 a.m. to 1p.m. 

The International Ms. Pageant honors and celebrates women representing empowerment, elegance, and enterprise from all around the globe. The competition consists of seven areas of competition: 

40%- Interview 

10%- Introduction Video 

10%- Runway modeling 

10%- Resort Wear modeling 

10%- Evening Wear modeling 

10%- Social Media 

10%- Photogenic 

Top 10- Final Onstage Question 

Whitley recently completed her Zoom Interview, Introduction Video, and is now ready to head to New York for the stage portions of competition. 

Whitley plans to drive across the country this December with her husband, David Marshall, for their third cross-country roadtrip. As a part of her platform, she will be hosting “Compassionate Conversations,” a series of interviews as a part of World Roots Culture Exchange’s Compassionate Leadership Project (www.worldrootscultureexchange.org) along the way. Additionally she will host “Healing Hikes” and create “Mindset Magic” videos as well as meet with other International Ms. delegates to highlight their various platforms.

“I aspire to cultivate a uniquely inclusive culture which drives conversation and inspires compassionate action, encouraging people to embrace their most beautiful and authentic self. This intention is at the heart of everything I do,” Marshall said.

Whitley Nabintu Marshall is an artist, activist, and entrepreneur based in Portland, Maine who has been fostering and serving diverse communities in various roles since 2005, making an impact both locally and internationally. Whitley currently holds the title of International Ms. New England and hosts regular “Compassionate Conversations,” “Healing Hikes,” “Mindset Magic,” and a series of message-based photoshoots focused on the markers of true beauty: compassion, strength, diversity and body positivity. 

On top of being an essential worker for the American Red Cross Biomedical Services for over 16 years, Whitley has co-founded multiple organizations spearheading several social and environmental initiatives, including World Roots Culture Exchange and the Compassionate Leadership Project. She is the co-director and choreographer for the Barefoot Truth Dance Company, and is a performing member of Ikirenga cy’Intore Rwandan Cultural Troupe. Whitley showcases her award-winning art with her brand Artlovelifestyle, and will soon be launching Artlovelifestyle Magazine this fall. 

Through her endeavours, she aspires to bridge communities through the arts and cultural exchange, cultivating a uniquely inclusive culture which drives conversation and inspires compassionate action. She hopes to empower people to embrace their unique, most authentic, and beautiful selves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Whitley loves helping people take steps toward their dreams and offers free and affordable holistic solutions as well as personal development coaching. 

IG: @whitleynabintumarshall