FALMOUTH — “While the gift of music education is invaluable, the gift of music combined with prayer is immeasurable.”

The motto of “Making Music, Praying Twice” at Holy Martyrs Church in Falmouth serves as an invitation for parents, grandparents, and children who seek the experience of integrating music, prayer, and Catholic culture into daily family life.

This fall, the popular program will add a twist: moving the fun into nature.

“Starting Oct. 7, ‘Outdoors in October’ is open for all children, five and under, and their caretakers to participate each Thursday at 11 a.m. outside in the Mary Garden at Holy Martyrs Church,” said Jennifer Runge, director of music ministries for the Parish of the Holy Eucharist, of which Holy Martyrs is a part.

Since 2014, the church has offered “Making Music, Praying Twice” to help preschoolers develop an appreciation for music while, at the same time, providing them with an early introduction to the faith. No musical equipment is required. 

“Families will be encouraged to collect homemade instruments and materials with their kiddos at home,” said Runge. “Think pots and pans, beans in Tupperware or paper towel tubes, mom’s scarf collection or sheer curtains.”

The program even provides a “how to” guide for homemade instruments (www.pothe.org/makingmusic).

“You and your little will grow as we ‘pray twice’ while singing and playing instruments in praise of God!” said Runge. “One of the goals of the program is to encourage the parents and caregivers to demonstrate their love of music and their love of making music because that’s how children learn. They learn through modeling.”

The program is designed for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, but older children always welcome, too.

Bit by bit, children become ‘fluent’ in music and begin a rich, faith-filled life journey through simple prayers and Catholic concepts,” said Runge.

To register for “Outdoors in October or learn more about the program, visit www.pothe.org/makingmusic or call 207-847-6890.