Belfast City Hall. Credit: Abigail Curtis / BDN

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As a Belfast city councilor, I was threatened with a recall because I celebrated Joe Biden’s election with illegal fireworks (and paid a hefty fine), then I was promised I’d be thrown out in the next election. And all along I was dead certain I’d draw one of the endlessly vocal anti-fish farm characters. But not one brave soul threw their hat in the ring. Whatever happened to the power of convictions? I don’t know. I just checked mine and have no fear. My convictions are just fine. That’s why I am running.

Here are the city of Belfast issues I’m focused on. One, housing, housing, housing. We are in a housing crisis; the city of Belfast can do more and act faster than we have. Two, fair taxes. Three, I support Nordic Aquafarms because I’m confident it will not hurt Belfast or our area and will lower people’s taxes and make it possible to do things people want without raising taxes. Four, sidewalks: increased funding to make bike paths and sidewalks safer and more accessible.

Last but not least, I am honored and thankful for all the trust and support I have received. My heart belongs to Belfast and the people who call it home. I spend my days thinking of how I can better serve. I ask for people’s vote on this Election Day. I need their vote and thank them for it. Stay well and I look forward to seeing people soon.

Mike Hurley


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