In this April 22, 2018, photo, New York University's Washington Square News creative director Rachel Buigas-Lopez, left, and managing editor Sayer Devlin haul pizzas in an elevator after ordering them while meeting a middle-of-the night deadline at the newspaper's headquarters in New York. Credit: Kathy Willens / AP

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College students should get themselves over to their campus newspaper office and inquire in person if they need staff. Working and gaining valuable job experience can be applied after college to a career field of choice. It will also look good on someone’s needed job/education resume as they enter the job market and begin a working life for possibly the next 50 years.

Do students have a desire to write (though other skills of an office, business, editorial nature are needed to operate and maintain a campus newspaper)? Go for it! Planning a career in journalism after college? It is a career that may put people on the front lines of history covering political, military, cultural, sports or whatever events where the action, celebrities and news makers are.

Students should get their writing skills over to their college campus newspaper. Don’t be shy. They can gain some valuable experience and build an articulate vocabulary between the ears to express and describe thoughts and feelings — in this day of vapid texting abbreviations and symbols — of what they see, feel and hear every day, year after year of a lifetime of experiences and memories.

Who knows what adventures and exciting rewards a lifetime of writing will bring. 

Richard Mackin Jr.