In this Aug. 9, 2021, file photo, cars line up to enter Canada from the Houlton-Woodstock port of entry in Houlton. Credit: Alexander MacDougall / Houlton Pioneer Times

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At long last, and just in time for the holiday season, I’m so pleased to report that the United States/Canadian border is finally open for land travel for fully vaccinated individuals after an extended and damaging closure. 

I would like to thank Sen. Susan Collins for continuing to push for this course of action because for residents in The County, having the ability to cross the border to visit family, seek medical care and attend to other daily needs is essential. 

For months now, the border has been open for Canadians who are fully vaccinated to fly into this country, but the land crossings remained closed to those very same individuals. This policy made absolutely no sense, and it’s such a relief that this lingering restriction has finally lifted so cross-border families can again celebrate the holiday season together. 

My constituents, and the businesses within my district, are already benefiting from this reopening. Thank you to Sen. Collins for fighting for commonsense policies in Washington!

Rep. Sue Bernard