Roger Chabot of Ripley operates a tractor to help James Gioia of Ripley transport his 2021 buck to his vehicle. Gioia shot the 5-point, 160-pound deer on Nov. 2. Credit: Courtesy of Joe Redman

Hunters who have spent considerable time in the woods chasing white-tails undoubtedly have done their share of deer dragging — even if it was helping out a family member or friend.

Sometimes, it pays to shoot a deer in close proximity to someone who has the means to get it back to the vehicle, or to the house, quickly and easily.

Such was the case recently for James Gioia of Ripley, who harvested the pictured five-point, 160-pound buck on Nov. 2 in Ripley.

“Here’s the old guys’ method of hauling a deer out of the woods,” James Goia said, clearly not at all disappointed that he wouldn’t have to drag the deer back to his vehicle. 

Joe Redman of Corinna provided the photo of Roger Chabot of Ripley scooping up the deer with the tractor.

If only we were all so fortunate to have that kind of help to get a deer out of the woods!

Thanks to Joe Redman for showing us there’s more than one way to extricate a deer from the woods!

The season’s almost over, but we’re still hoping to see photos of your 2021 deer and share them with Bangor Daily News Readers.

Send your deer photos to Please include your name and hometown, the deer’s weight and, for bucks, any pertinent antler details such as number of points or spread measurements.

Pete Warner

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