Out of focus holiday lights shine in downtown Portland on Tuesday Dec. 7, 2021. Credit: Troy R. Bennett / BDN

Today is Monday. Temperatures will be in the high to low 40s north to south, with a chance of rain in the north. Here’s what we’re talking about in Maine today.

The latest on the coronavirus in Maine

The latest data from the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention on COVID-19 cases will be released by 9:30 a.m. Tuesday. Check out our tracker for more information.

The Northern Light Health system will provide Pfizer booster vaccines for anyone aged 16  or 17 who had completed a full course of the initial Pfizer immunization at least six months ago.

Houlton Regional Hospital has been so slammed with patients needing care that oftentimes those arriving at the Emergency Department have to wait in makeshift areas in the hallways because there are simply no rooms available for them.

Bangor and Brewer top list of Maine cities facing costly business flooding

It is due to warming seas and atmospheric temperatures creating stronger storms in the southern U.S. that are dropping more rain and moving further north, including inland in Maine.

Help us track how Maine governments spend $500M in federal aid

Our goal is to create easy-to-understand visuals and databases that break down how money is being used, while highlighting the largest and most ambitious projects and themes.

Great Dane born after mother was seized from Hampden barn finds her forever family

At 135 pounds, Bess now outweighs her owner and is a bit timid around strangers.

Book documents Maine’s original Acadian families left out of 1790 census

They scoured Canadian land records — the only records with relevant information — and compiled three to four generations’ worth of facts on the families who inhabited Maine’s northern French regions.

A 19th-century Maine captain ran the only newspaper published at sea

In the days before ship-to-shore communications of any kind, the Ocean Chronicle kept Capt. Edward Payson Nichols and his family in touch with their far-flung circle of loved ones and acquaintances.

Bangor fire that killed 3 homeless men shows a growing problem without an easy solution

Experts on homelessness say solving the problem goes far beyond housing itself and requires an approach that also addresses homelessness’ root causes.

Portland hasn’t collected thousands in fines for short-term rental rule violations

With significantly more violations in 2021, the lack of enforcement isn’t detering would-be short rental owners from proceeding without proper approvals.

High court ruling on Maine’s religious-schools law could hit 37 other states harder

If the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the families challenging Maine’s law, the ruling may not even directly help them.

In other Maine news …

Photos and ‘Granpa G’s ashes’ found in ceiling light box from Bangor Lowe’s

Attorney general sues Maine lawyer for ‘negligent misrepresentation’ of billing

3 Pittsfield councilors prepare to leave seats

Father of Ayla Reynolds to be interviewed in civil lawsuit

Maine roofing contractor found not guilty in death of worker

Game wardens looking for shooter who left moose to rot in Aroostook County

Man killed in Stonington crash

California woman killed by car while walking with her son in Topsham has been identified

15-year-old badly injured after rollover Portland crash