A pedestrian passes by a Paul Bunyan mural on Central Street in Bangor on Wednesday. The mural was painted in June by Annette Dodd, co-owner of The Rock and Art Shop, but the mastermind behind the concept was her late brother Anthony W. Sohns. Sohns commissioned local graphic designer Heather Magee to design it and then had posters made. Sohns then made a cross country trip, hanging the posters from coast to coast. “I painted it to honor my brother,” Dodd said, “as well as to call all creative people to Bangor.” Credit: Linda Coan O'Kresik

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In response to the letter to the BDN from John Mooney, who wants to know if people are proud to pay taxes in a Bangor that lacks vision as opposed to the forward thinking of Hampden and Herman: The sad fact is that Bangor is a city that sold its soul when it embarked on the downward process of urban renewal in the 1960s.

That is a simple, but not at all simplistic, explanation. It is also accurate. I would also suggest that it might be revealing to compare the political party affiliations of Bangor citizens to those of Hampden and Hermon.

Brian Striar