Holden Police Chief Chris Greeley watches while Kian Wells, 3, and Jazlynn Wells, 10, open gifts that Greeley delivered as part of the police department’s 25 Days of Kindness program. Throughout the month of December, Greeley and his officers are delivering gifts that have been donated by members of the community. Cassie Wells, left, holds her three-month-old daughter Rowyn and watches her children enjoy their presents. Credit: Linda Coan O'Kresik/BDN

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One trooper hauls an Alzheimer’s sufferer out of a wet ditch, another officer distributes toys to children on the margin of the median income stream. This year Maine police, troopers to local cops, have placed themselves where they are needed, when they are needed. We may gripe about the occasional traffic ticket, but up front, where it has shown why they joined the profession, have been Maine’s cops.

Thank you for your service, men and women first responders who wear the uniforms and badges. Work safely in 2022 and the rest of your careers. You have made a huge difference in citizen lives.

Richard and Carole Ann Glueck