Protesters gather outside the White House to urge the Biden administration to pursue voting rights legislation, Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2021, in Washington. Credit: Patrick Semansky / AP

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Recently, the Stockholm-based International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance added the U.S. to an annual list of “backsliding” democracies for the first time in their annual report. “A historic turning point came in 2020-21 when former president Donald Trump questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 election results in the United States.”

Sen. Angus King is working hard to protect our democracy – speaking on the Senate floor encouraging his colleagues to prioritize passing democracy reform and supporting the investigation of the Jan. 6 insurrection incited by former President Trump.

King recently said, “One of our great political parties has embraced the idea that our last election was fraudulent, that our president is illegitimate, and that they must move legislatures across the country to ‘fix’ the results of future elections. A substantial proportion of our population has lost faith in our democratic system and seems prepared to accept authoritarianism.”

The Freedom to Vote Act would set national standards to protect access to the vote, end partisan gerrymandering of congressional districts, begin to overhaul the campaign finance system and create new safeguards against subverting the electoral process. King has sponsored and advocated for this bill and understands its importance.

Please join me in thanking Sen. King for being a champion for our democracy and protecting our right to vote. I hope all Senate Democrats join suit and work to swiftly pass the Freedom to Vote Act in 2022.

Deb Leon