In this Nov. 6, 2021, file photo, parents and Children from around the world call on leaders to end financing for fossil fuels, at major COP26 March in Glasgow, Scotland. Credit: Duncan McGlynn / AP

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Rowan McAuliffe and many of their generation recognize the threat of climate change. They mention in their BDN letter (Jan. 8-9) the need to reduce carbon emissions. I agree 100 percent. To do this in an effective, realistic and fair way, there is a big solution that we can all help move forward: putting a price on carbon. This “carbon cash back” approach would effectively reduce emissions, help low- and middle-income households and result in many good jobs as we transition to renewable energy. Also known as “carbon fee and dividend” because it would pay dividends to every U.S. household, this policy is backed by economists, scientists, faith organizations, businesses and even many of our politicians.

Please take a tip from McAuliffe. They say we have a choice — to act or stand by. There’s an action we can all take to help bring about a big solution. Join the thousands of Citizens Climate Lobby volunteers and other climate activists from Maine and across the nation by contacting your members of Congress. Let them know: We want realistic, fair, effective climate action. We want to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. We want a price on carbon.  

Bonnie Sammons

Maine master naturalist


Citizens Climate Lobby