In this Jan. 6, 2021, file photo, violent protesters, loyal to Donald Trump, storm the Capitol in Washington. Credit: John Minchillo / AP

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On Jan. 6, 2022 — the anniversary of Donald Trump’s insurrection — there were three articles on the BDN OpEd page: “Yes, Jan. 6 really was a big deal,” “The Jan. 6 attempt to overthrow our democracy is ongoing” and “A political resolution to challenge our beliefs.” The latter, by Republican Matthew Gagnon, urged “rethinking your most cherished, deeply held beliefs.” If he had done that himself, would he have mentioned Jan. 6 instead of ignoring it?

Two days later, on Jan 8, another Republican, Michael Cianchette, had a column urging Maine lawmakers to work together. Again, nothing about the Jan. 6 anniversary of Trump’s insurrection.

By ignoring Jan. 6, I think the columns by Gagnon and Cianchette are just platitudes, disingenuous thoughts. At least Tucker Carlson is willing to say what he thinks, even if it is nonsense. What do these two Republicans think about Trump’s insurrection? They both missed a great opportunity to share their thoughts about this terrible event in the context of their columns. Possibly, they could have planted the seeds for implementing the goals of their columns — if they had been willing to step away from their Republican playbook.

John Field