In this Jan. 7, 2022, photo, Jennifer Crumbley signs a message to her husband James in a Zoom hearing in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Credit: Carlos Osorio / AP

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In regards to reporting from the Associated Press on Dec. 1,  to the tragedy surrounding the Michigan school shooter, I believe that it is fair that Ethan Crumbley’s parents be held just as accountable as he was. Although they did not participate in the tragedy that occured, I think they are just as guilty by reportedly not bringing Crumbley home or searching his belongings after two separate occasions of questionable behavior, where Crumbley was seen by a teacher looking up online where to buy ammunition and the day of the shooting when a drawing was found with blood and a bullet on it.

I think his parents deserved being taken into custody and that charge of involuntary manslaughter. If they had intervened, there could have been a different outcome of this tragedy.

The Crumbleys’ and their son’s murky behavior before and after the unfathomable events that transpired may hopefully have shed light upon them in the coming trials to try and bring reasoning to Crumbley’s actions. To this point in time, until the boy’s reasoning for what he did is revealed, I think the charges for adult manslaughter are fair. I can only hope that the victim’s parents and friends are able to find peace knowing that they may finally find justice.

Lindsay Kelly