In this Oct. 21, 2021, file photo, Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Kentucky, looks at a smart phone as Attorney General Merrick Garland testifies before a House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington. Credit: Andrew Harnik / AP

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I recently had the misfortune of viewing the much-seen photograph of Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie and family (or friends) all seated in front of a Christmas tree smiling while holding a variety of guns. The accompanying message was “Santa, please bring ammo.” What, may I ask, is the message here?

In a season which Christians tout is one of “peace on earth, goodwill toward man,” this has to be the saddest and most deplorable holiday image I have seen in my whole life. How did we get to this place, where we happily tote weapons in a holiday greeting? It’s no wonder that many of our neighbors in the world view America with bewilderment and perplexity, with our high rate of violent crimes and the dogged determination of many to flaunt their weaponry in efforts to exercise their Second Amendment rights, and for what? We have all seen enough dark days in the history of our lifetimes.

In the holiday season, now more than ever, we should seek peace and harmony among ourselves, not ammo.

David Mahoney