Grade 12, highest honors: Silas Graham, Alyssa Nightingale, Daniel Ross and Brock Thompson.

Grade 11, highest honors: Ryan Mitchell; honors: Sam Duff.

Grade 10, highest honors: Leanne Ross; high honors: Danlen Espenscheid; honors: Seth Quint and Anicia Whited.

Grade nine, highest honors: Teanne Ewings, Natalie Johnson Addison Watson and Ava Whited; honors: 

Abigail Duff and Phillip Espenscheid.

Grade eight, highest honors: Jack Philbrook and Stephanie Tuttle; high honors: Daniel Henderson, Hayley McGuire, Emery Nightingale, Andrea Ross and Colton Simoes; honors: Jacob Watson.

Grade seven, highest honors: Cole Watson and Malachi Witmer; high honors: Dalylah Mincey; honors: Dalayna Mincey 

Grade six, highest honors: Lydia Han, Brooklyn Philbrook and Kylah Tuttle; high honors: Nathan Brady, Anna Johnso and Brooklyn Philbrook.

Grade five, highest honors: Abe Han, April Mazur, Wyatt Quint and Logan Witmer; high honors: Haley Foster and Isaac Watson.

Grade four, high honors: Willow Anderson, Iver Hall and Sophia McGuire; honors: Teagan Mitchell.