Bangor Water District standpipe in June of 2021. Credit: Linda Coan O'Kresik / BDN

Bangor residents who notice that their water is slightly discolored have no reason to worry about the water’s safety, a staff member at the Bangor Water District said Friday.

The water district’s ozone system, which is used to remove color from water during processing, has been offline since November as it receives upgrades.

That has caused the city’s water to have a slight, yellowish tinge.

Although the change is subtle, it may be more noticeable in larger collections of water — in a bucket, for example, rather than in a small cup. The color of water from taps, toilets and showers may look just a little different from a clear bottle of Poland Spring water.

The water is tested just as much as it was before and is safe to use and drink, according to the water district.

The upgrade is expected to take another month or so, with the water district hoping to finish it sometime in February. At that point, the water will lose its yellowish tint.