Police confront protesters Sunday during a demonstration against the government's COVID-19 measures in Brussels. Credit: Geert Vanden Wijngaert / AP

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COVID-19 still reigns. Anti-vaxxers defy medical science. The stock market rises and falls. Russia plays cat and mouse with us and Ukraine hoping to regain its USSR empire. And does China really need more territory like Taiwan? Gun-related crime rises as our personal gun stockpiles grow. Lobsters migrate north and other current climate change effects emerge.

Stuck supply chains slow our ordered goods. Gas prices at the pumps rise as do grocery prices. The rest of the world is also suffering inflationary trends from the virus effect. And more and more Americans don’t trust the very democratic practices that define us. And too many don’t support fair elections.

Mass media seems to just purr while reporting this, stirring up interest in watching frightening news that lures more to watch screens for their profits. Good news is lost in the chaos: vaccines that save lives, treatments for COVID, mostly high Wall Street figures, lower unemployment, higher wages and government help with infrastructure is on the way.

But all this takes time to see grand results. Battering the political stands with uncivilized behaviors and not allowing all to express their priorities via fair voting will not work.

Jane Fairchild

Orneville Township