President Joe Biden speaks as he and Vice President Kamala Harris, not pictured, meet with Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., right, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Credit: Patrick Semansky / AP

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It appears the current commander in chief is leading the way for racism to excel in our country. It’s definitely admirable to include all people in appointments to national offices. “Red and yellow, Black and white; all are precious…” is a core value we all learned as children.

However, even though President Joe Biden wants to advertise his completion of a campaign ideal, to tell the world without any note of qualifying attributes, except the color of skin and gender of the individual, he is both inappropriate and offensive to everyone else in the nation regardless of their own qualifications. A gentleman would never describe a person according to skin color. If I were his appointee — well I would not be since he has already offended who I am simply by intoning that being a Black woman is the greatest qualifier for the position — I would decline.

He has both devalued the highest court in the land and whomever his nominates will be. Shame, shame, shame on President Biden! How many ways can one man blunder and keep his job?

Dawn Coffin