In this photo taken Monday, Jan. 22, 2018, Dominick Scafidi, left, in charge of field and digital operations and Jake Wiegman, right, special projects manager put up a sign during a brainstorming session at the Unite America office in Denver. Credit: Thomas Peipert / AP

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The multi-party system we have is a means for the people to make their wishes and needs known. Unfortunately our elected officials seem more interested in fighting party against party, setting the wishes of the people aside. It is OK for political parties to compete in primaries to seek election, but when the elections are over and a candidate is elected the bickering should be over.

When the successful candidate assumes the oath of office, he or she should no longer be a Democrat, Republican or whatever. He or she should then be labeled “representative or senator of and for the people.” No more special caucuses, no more red or blue side, no more bowing down to the non-elected lobbyists, just working together for the good of the people, not for just whatever party you ran as. I know this sounds like an impossible solution, but this country cannot survive the constant bickering and backstabbing now going on.

It is time to give the country back to the people. Get rid of the Electoral College, let the president be elected by the people, with a popular vote. The vice president, a person who is only a heartbeat away from being president, should also be chosen by popular vote. Maybe I am just fantasizing, but the words “We the People” were put on a document for a reason.

Timothy Smyth