This Feb. 24, 2021 file photo shows an emergency room sign outside Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, Calif. Credit: Ashley Landis / AP

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I recently had my shoulder replaced at a hospital in Bangor. It was a day surgery; I went in during the morning and was home that same afternoon. The operating room was booked for two hours. The surgeon was great and was paid less than $3,000 by my insurance company – very good value for such expertise. To my disgust, the hospital charged $64,102 and was paid $51,946 by my insurance company (this did not include any doctors’ fees). This averages over $10,000 per hour, including my time spent in the waiting room!

How will we ever be able to afford good healthcare for all in this country if hospitals, not doctors, can get away with charging such exorbitant fees?

Liliane Deighan