A water-damaged Bible lies open to Jeremiah 25 on a pew inside the Mayfield First United Methodist Church on Sunday, Jan. 9, 2022, in Mayfield, Ky. Credit: Audrey Jackson / AP

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In the Holy Bible there is something for everyone. There is room for skepticism. There is assurance for the believers. There is the sure testimony of those who were eyewitnesses. There is room for doubt among the followers and observers of the miracles.

Not everyone who was there came away from encounters with Jesus Christ as converts. Many people saw, ate with, participated and touched Jesus. They still died of old age, health crises, military brutality and martyrdom. The reason I have always loved the Holy Bible is because there is something for everyone. Bring your questions and doubts because there is plenty of room for uncertainty. Bring your brains because some things don’t make sense when you reason the situation. Not all the hand-picked disciples completed the course! Many turned around and went back to their former lifestyles.

I love the Holy Bible because the Bible is real, real reactions from real human beings. In 2022, during a pandemic, the potential for war in Europe, unrest in America and unrest in ourselves, open your Bibles for spiritual comfort and reassurance of divine presence. We need real spirituality right now. There really is something for everyone.

James Weathersby