Leonard and Renee Minsky sit in the hospital room that sparked a million-dollar donation to EMMC in Bangor. Credit: Kevin Bennett / BDN

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Like countless others, we are deeply saddened by the recent passing of Leonard Minsky. His decades of leadership and service to civic, community and philanthropic causes were extraordinary.

 We are particularly grateful for the influence he had on our respective organizations and the University of Maine, his alma mater. Over the years Leonard served on and chaired the Alumni Association’s board of directors. In addition, he was an incorporator and honorary member of the Foundation’s board.

He and Renee, his loving wife of nearly 66 years, were instrumental in the support and growth of multiple UMaine programs, scholarships, and facilities, most conspicuously Leonard and Renee Minsky Music Recital Hall.  

Along with those thoughtful and generous acts, Leonard should be remembered for his wisdom, integrity, and compassion for others. Truly, the region has lost one of its greatest champions and citizens. He set an example for all of us, one to which we should all aspire.

John N. Diamond

President and CEO

UMaine Alumni Association

Jeffery N. Mills

President and CEO

UMaine Foundation