In this Dec. 8, 2021, file photo, nurse Cassandra Pateneaude treats a patient in the hallway of the Maine Medical Center emergency department. Credit: Courtesy of MaineHealth

A report commissioned by health groups in Maine found that the state has reduced its projected nursing shortage by more than half.

The Maine Nursing Action Coalition and the Maine Hospital Association commissioned the report. The Portland Press Herald reported an original projected shortage of 3,200 registered nurses by 2025 is down to 1,450.

The 3,200 projection came out in 2017. The state has been coping with a nursing shortage for years. However, the new report found that Maine colleges have made a dent in the shortage by working to increase the number of nursing graduates.

The average age of a Maine nurse has also fallen from 49 to 47. The number of nurses age 35 or younger has increased by 28 percent. That’s about 1,000 new nurses since 2015.