Bangor City Hall is seen Thursday, June 22, 2017. Credit: Ashley L. Conti / BDN

Bangor City Hall will light up with blue and yellow colors in solidarity with Ukraine as Russia’s invasion of the country continues.

Bangor has positioned blue and yellow lights, the colors of the Ukrainian flag, outside of City Hall to illuminate the building at night, city manager Debbie Laurie said.

There are about 2,500 Mainers with Ukrainian heritage who have watched as Russian troops have launched missile attacks and bombarded major cities like Kyiv and Kharkiv. Russian Mainers have complex feelings on the conflict, though few said they support the war. Some 227 civilians have been killed, but it is likely an undercount, the United Nations said.

One million people have fled to nearby countries like Romania, Hungary and Poland while others have sought refuge in underground transit stations, basements and makeshift bomb shelters. Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy has declared martial law and ordered a military draft for all men between 18 and 60 years of age.

Maine Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King have condemned Putin and the incursion, while Gov. Janet Mills ordered Maine liquor stores to stop selling Russian-made spirits. King called Putin “the most dangerous man in the world” in a press briefing Thursday.

The Maine congressional delegation unanimously backs a ban on Russian oil and gas imports in a break with President Joe Biden. Biden said the U.S. wouldn’t get involved in the conflict, though he has sent military assistance to Ukraine and has imposed economic sanctions on Russia and Russian oligarchs.

More than 7,000 people have been arrested in Russia for participating in anti-war protests.

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