Gov. Janet Mills attends an event at the Blaine House, Friday, March 11, 2022, in Augusta, Maine. Rebates or cash payments are being proposed in California, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and elsewhere as states are flush with cash and Americans are facing the highest inflation in four decades. Credit: Robert F. Bukaty

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For months, I drove by the Piscataquis Democrat headquarters in Dover-Foxcroft with a prominent sign saying “Democrats Making a Difference.” Recently, I noticed that the sign had come down.

No surprise when you consider: Price of Maine heating oil at  record highs, inflation setting 40-year record highs with fuel and food prices out of sight, record vioelnt crime in cities across the country with some defunded police departments unable to respond to all 911 calls for help, over 70,000 Fentanyl drug deaths in 2021 (record high), explosive growth of cartel drug and human trafficking on the southern border, record number of illegal immigrants entering our country, city of Portland  requesting assistance from Gov. Janet Mills for housing and care of over 1,000 asylum seekers and others in area hotels and nearly 100 arriving in a single week, creating a program on the Maine Department of Education website that included a video teaching 5-year-old kindergarteners about transgender identity, and the list just goes on.

When their sign came down, I thought Democrats were changing direction. Wrong. Mills and her Democrat supporters shouted at their recent state convention: “We won’t go back!” The new sign now on display? “Thank you Janet Mills.” How fitting.

It is time to hold Democrats at all levels to account. They cannot and should not be rewarded for their disastrous policies. If they “won’t go back,” then we have to send them back. Please turn out for every election in your town, from school board to governor, and vote them out.

Hubert Padgett