A man walks around the rear of the State House in Augusta on June 30, 2021. Credit: Troy R. Bennett / BDN

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I will be voting for Mike Tipping in the District 8 Senate primary on June 14, and I encourage other Democrats to do the same.

Tipping understands the challenges that marginalized populations have experienced since before the pandemic, how the pandemic has increased those challenges, and how the state can help meet those challenges.

I have worked with Tipping on disability issues. He has been a great listener, and he has a keen mind for public policy. And he has courage: Mike has been unafraid to take on interests in Augusta, from whatever party, who have stood in the way of equal access to community support.

Tipping also has a vision for braiding together Medicaid, private health insurance, competitive integrated employment for people with disabilities, and living wages for the people who support people with disabilities. He knows how to work together across groups to finally fulfill years of broken promises. That’s how to make Maine a place for everyone.

I support Mike Tipping without reservation.

Alan Cobo-Lewis