Signs for Maine Senate candidates Mike Tipping and Abe Furth are displayed on June 1, 2022, on Main Street in Orono. The two are running for the Democratic nomination for the open seat. Credit: Linda Coan O'Kresik / BDN

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When I met Mike Tipping last year we talked about his work as spokesperson for the senior care referendum and his support for policies to help disabled people like me. He was caring and sincere.

Months later, after just being released from the hospital, the reclining chair I transfer to from my wheelchair to sleep in stopped working. I couldn’t get hold of any of my friends and a police officer wasn’t able to help. It was getting late and I was facing a night without being able to sleep, so I called the only person I could think of: Tipping.

He and his wife, Maggie, who is an occupational therapist, got there 10 minutes later. He fixed my chair while she and I talked through my care and support plans.

Mike Tipping is the real deal and he’s always been there for us. There’s no one who will do a better job representing us in the state senate and I hope everyone votes for him in the Democratic primary on June 14.

Judith Coburn-Harris


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