Crosses are surrounded by flowers and other items at a memorial at Robb Elementary School, Thursday, June 9, 2022, in Uvalde, Texas, created to honor the victims killed in the recent school shooting. Two teachers and 19 students were killed in the mass shooting. Credit: Eric Gay

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News out of Texas regarding the school shooting is so sad. I recently read a comment saying, “It will happen again, and there is no way to prevent it.” I have to at least partially disagree. There is much we can and should do to try to prevent it from happening again. As a former federal safety and health officer, I believe that we need to attack this problem on multiple levels. Just as in preventing fires, someone writes codes, someone builds, someone saves, someone advocates for better laws. It is the same here.

We need to uncover the truth about what happened. If you don’t study history, history repeats itself. Does this country really have the will to prevent future school shootings? I am not sure.

I wonder how many school shootings have already been prevented by our increased vigilance? Now is not the time to give up, but rather to increase our vigilance. The fox is now in the hen house literally, picking off our children. Who is the fox? None other than the devil himself. In this way, the Texas school shooter is not much different from Vladimir Putin of Russia. I believe both have totally given in to evil, to their evil inclinations.

As human beings, we have the choice. The devil cannot make any human do what he or she does not do of their own free will and accord. What can you do today to prevent school shootings?

Jean Barry


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