The Maine State House cupola pokes out of a fog bank rising from the Kennebec River on a chilly morning, Thursday, Oct. 7, 2021, in Augusta, Maine. Credit: Robert F. Bukaty

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I am a longtime Orono resident, a parent of a young child, and a teacher with 20 years experience with students in Senate District 8. I care deeply about my community, the health of the environment in which I am raising my son, and the future possibilities for my students, who venture into a world that is increasingly difficult to navigate. In this primary for District 8’s Senate seat, I am proud to cast my vote for Mike Tipping, a candidate who shares my family’s concerns for our community, our environment, and our schools.

For many years, Tipping has worked tirelessly for Mainers. We in District 8 are fortunate to have his knowledge, energy, and passion for addressing critical issues. Repeatedly, he has demonstrated his unwavering commitment to doing what’s right when it’s needed most, even when the fight is tough. Just recently, Tipping’s efforts were behind a settlement to clean up the Penobscot River, his efforts helped to raise our state’s minimum wage, and he worked to ensure education in all of our state’s communities is funded fairly. In the past few months, I have had the opportunity to volunteer for Tipping’s campaign, and I have learned a great deal from him about civility, hard work, and dedication.

A vote for Mike Tipping means a vote for a state senator who will strengthen our communities, fight for our best interests, and safeguard our land, not just for today but for our children’s benefit in years to come.

Erika Dixon


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