A man walks to submit his ballot for the 2021 school board elections at Canyon Lake Senior Center Tuesday, June 8, 2021, in Rapid City, S.D. Local school boards around the country are increasingly becoming cauldrons of anger and political division, boiling with disputes over such issues as COVID-19 mask rules, the treatment of transgender students and how to teach the history of racism and slavery in America. Credit: Grace Pritchett / Rapid City Journal via AP

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I am not a medical person. I am simply a high school-educated retired person, but I think I know enough to identify certain things.

I have personally witnessed the births of three children. Instantly, upon seeing the newborn babies, I could determine the sex of them. I think to make the statement that the doctors may have made a mistake in determining the sex of a baby is, to say the least, a rash ignorant statement.  

The physical differences between males and females is as obvious as obvious can be. The emotional differences, on the other hand, don’t appear until later in life. What the kids are taught by their parents, teachers, preachers and peers, weighs heavily in their decisions on how they want to live their lives! We can guide them, but eventually they will choose their direction in life.

Timothy Smyth