Republican candidate for governor Paul LePage speaks at the Republican state convention, Saturday, April 30, 2022, in Augusta, Maine. Credit: Robert F. Bukaty / AP

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I am working on my 80th year and 59th as a dedicated Republican. I have drifted away from active participation as it seems that top-tier candidates have virtually taken over the Republican Party and they wag the party’s tail.

Town committees are virtually non-existent. That is our fault, a pox on both parties. I got re-involved this year out of my long-held belief that you shouldn’t complain if you’re not involved.

If we want the Republican Party to be respected then we have to act with respect even towards other parties with whom we will have to continue to live and work after elections. I am not about to “drop the gloves and fight for our state,” as Maine GOP Executive Director Jason Savage said recently. Such rhetoric has allegorical meaning but it is not the image we need to be portraying in either party at this time. It is the wrong mind set to portray, rather, “Let’s work to make things better.”

I hope my Grand Old Party will rise again to heights it once occupied as we lead the youth and our country forward. Please lead us with values that will enhance all of us, especially in the field of politics where we must respect one another if we are to go on to be the country we once sought to be.

I will stay involved so I can speak my piece but more importantly it is what we all must do. Be involved with respect.

Richard L. Rhoda