Ven Newby, 15, and Landen Michaud, 17. Credit: Linda Coan O'Kresik

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I was appalled to read the  article in the Saturday/Sunday Bangor Daily News to see where one Bangor High School student and a former student are urging the city’s school committee to adopt a policy they believe would help LGBTQ students feel safe and respected.    

Regardless of your priority, why do you have to tell everyone that you are different? If a student prefers to be called by a different name or that they want to be called he or she just tell the teacher that. Filling out a paper seems a bit ridiculous.

In this world today there is so much bigotry and hatred towards people of different color and people of different lifestyles. I don’t think a piece of paper is going to make any student feel safe or respected. That’s not how the world works today.

Satan has a threshold on America and the world. The only time that is going to change is when Christians stand up and show kindness, forgiveness, and love or when Jesus comes to call all his children home with him in a new world.

Rebecca Wiers