Gas prices are displayed at a filling station in Philadelphia, Thursday, June 16, 2022. Credit: Matt Rourke

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I remember visiting Arlington National Cemetery and reading the names of many young men who died in Vietnam. I recall  Linda Blair in a blockbuster movie. Satan had to go undercover creating a new M.O. for himself.

Then came President Jimmy Carter walking down Pennsylvania Avenue and signing a document allowing thousands of young men to come back into the U.S. Next, Ray Charles did his beautiful interpretation of our national hymn, “America the Beautiful.”

More recently, the Supreme Court under Chief Justice John Roberts declared a “corporation” to be much like a human person. Now, I’m witnessing a new horror film that without government intervention almost everyone will suffer the consequences of high gasoline and heating oil prices.

What! Our healthy economy may collapse in a very cold winter, and “human” corporations cannot be brought to justice? This is the land of the free?

Robert Fournier