The price is displayed after a motorist filled up his vehicle's tank for gasoline available from a pump at a Shell station, Saturday, May 28, 2022, in Commerce City, Colo. Experts are expecting a flush of travelers at airports and on the nation's byways during the long Memorial Day weekend, which marks the start of the summer travel season, in spite of high fuel costs. Credit: David Zalubowski

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I am now and have been what I consider a forward-looking person and I see a tragedy ahead that we are not involving in our conversations. I understand that everyone is highly upset about the current fuel prices at the pump. I am also concerned with this situation, but we as drivers can control these prices. It is the old supply and demand conundrum: If you want it bad enough the sellers will get their due.

I know it is not the answer for everyone and our goods and supplies come to us through trucking, which involves huge amounts of diesel fuel being processed. We can’t do much about that – again supply and demand. I for one have been trying to eliminate unnecessary travel and consolidate my errands.

The gas issue is not my biggest worry. I, like many of the senior citizens in our community, rely on heating oil to warm my home. I am very worried that the issue of high heating oil prices is not being addressed. As it stands right now, 100 gallons of heating oil would cost $500.

I am very afraid of what will face us in a few short months. I fear that many will not be able to sufficiently heat their homes. I fear that many will die due to cold-related injuries. I am afraid that many will perish or become homeless due to fire due to improper use of wood or improperly installed heating appliances. We have many issues.

Wayne LeVasseur