Abortion-rights activists demonstrate against the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade that established a constitutional right to abortion, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, June 30, 2022. Credit: J. Scott Applewhite / AP

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I respect all opinions on girls and women’s rights “to choose.” “To choose” means you have the right of choice to do something, and the right of choice not to do the same thing. That’s what “choice” is and means.

SCOTUS, the Supreme Court of the United States, is supposed to be the court of the land (all of America) and all opinions. The recent ruling against Roe v. Wade takes the “freedom of choice” away from all women. I believe a religiously stacked Supreme Court took the rule of law out of the choice equation.

I propose that each right taken away from girls and women must be countered by a right taken away from boys and men. Example: Take women’s contraception away, then take drugs like Viagra away from men. Fair! Maybe the rate of rapes of girls and women will decrease immensely.

SCOTUS also ruled recently to make it easier to carry a gun. We had all better gun up. The O.K. Corral is back.

Do we want a country that dictates to the righteously political few or respects everyone’s freedom? These extreme rulings cannot be taken lightly. Is this America? Or is this Russia? I think this sordid anti-American stuff is right out of Putin’s pathetic playbook.

I believe most of this sexist stuff is misogynistic and gives boys and men carte blanche to sexually abuse and rape girls and women with no recourse. In many states, raped and impregnated girls or women will have to carry rapists’ offspring to term! What?

In my opinion, the Supreme Court has taken girls’ and women’s rights back to the Neanderthal Age. Women unite. Take back the night!

Goddess bless us all. We are going to need it!

Jackie Gichun Freitas