Due to planned road construction, the Community Connector has announced that it will be implementing a temporary service change for its Old Town route, beginning Monday, Aug. 1. This detour is estimated to expire on Aug. 30, pending all necessary road work is completed.

Outbound service changes include:

  • After Veazie Village, the detour results in a 10-minute adjustment to the route timetable.
  • The Connector will not be servicing Penobscot Valley Dermatology Outbound  

Inbound service changes include:

  • The detour resulting in a 10-minute adjustment to the route timetable.
  • Not servicing the Town of Veazie (outbound only).
  • Not servicing Riverview Apartments – Bangor (outbound only).
  • Penobscot Valley Dermatology stop by request Inbound.
  • Town of Veazie riders will be allowed to ride back to Veazie on one fare.
  • Buses leaving Old Town Plaza at 5:15 and 6:15 p.m. will service Town of Veazie by request.

Click here for a map and timetable for more details on this change of service.

For any further questions on this temporary change of service, you can reach the Community Connector office at 207-992-4670. Thank you for riding the Community Connector.