PETA wants Portland to remove the Maine Lobsterman statue and replace it with a statue of a giant lobster crushing a trap. Credit: Courtesy of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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Okay PETA, here we go again. First of all, lobsters are not “dragged out of their watery homes.”  Lobsters are enticed into traps and walk in on their own free will, ready to be served piping hot with butter, lemon and bib, preferably on my plate!

We humans are omnivores and obviously voracious.

And while it might be amusing to portray a giant lobster crushing a trap, it is as fictitious as a Stephen King horror story — or maybe a Garrison Keillor one.

PETA may never give up on trying to save the humble lobster. On another note, some of Charlotte Gill’s THC therapy might assuage both sides of this debate!

Kate Tuck