The former Gov. James B. Longley Elementary School. Credit: CBS 13

The Lewiston community is pitching in after vandals left behind $100,000 in damage at a former school.

The former Gov. James Longley Elementary School was vandalized by four children last month. The children, who range in age from 10 to 14, have since been charged.

The school is now being used as NextStep & Lewiston Adult Education.

Dozens volunteered not only to clean up. but to make the school campus even better Thursday afternoon.

Computers were destroyed and there was paint all over the walls and floors.

Four children have been charged after last month’s vandalism at the former Gov. James B. Longley Elementary School in Lewiston. Credit: Courtesy of Janet Beaudoin via CBS 13

Former student Josi Anna Spearman worked hard on painting a door during the Next STEP program before she graduated. However, it was one of the many things that was targeted by the vandals.

“It ruined my whole day,” Spearman said. “This took so long, it was really like my pride and joy. I was like ‘I’d rather be the one to paint it than anyone else,’ so I’m very glad I had the opportunity to.”

Crews have cleaned up the site so some summer programs could still happen.

“Our maintenance and facility staff did an amazing job getting things cleaned up as quickly as possible,” Superintendent Jake Langlais said.

There was still more work to be done, with the Lewiston community happy to help.

“We just kept telling people like at some point we will come together and do something that makes this look better,” Longley School Director Philip Johnston said. “Even better than it was before.”

Current and former students, staff, officials and residents showed up to pitch in.

“We’ve pulled together everything from donations, to materials, supplies,” Langlais said. “People are bringing their own rakes, and gloves and wheel barrels … I think it’s going to look a whole lot better when we’re done.