Heavy machinery rolls over the causeway to Sears Island so that the state of Maine can do geotechnical exploratory work. Credit: Courtesy of Rolf Olsen

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I was horrified to read in last Wednesday’s Bangor Daily News that once again, Sears Island is in danger. I sincerely hope that the committee looking at the suitability of the area for a terminal for offshore wind development considers the fact that the island is one of the, if not the, best place to see spring bird migration on the coast between Rockland and Bangor. In the spring, the trees and bushes of Sears Island are alive with birdsong. The warblers are so close you can practically reach out and touch them. It is a wonderful place, and it is fragile. Man can ruin it so easily with both noise that will drown out the birdsong and wind turbines that could kill the birds.

Mack Point is already an industrial area. If the terminal has to be built (and really, does it?), then the state should build it there and leave the magical spot that is Sears Island alone.

And once this threat is removed, the state should conserve the entire island so that it is safe forever.

Sue Shaw