Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, Dr. Mehmet Oz, center, drops by The Capitol Diner, Friday, Aug. 12, 2022, in Swatara Township, Pa. Credit: Sean Simmers / The Patriot-News via AP

A Maine home owned by Dr. Mehmet Oz’s wife is featured in a video attacking him during the Republican’s campaign for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, one of the nation’s most closely watched races this year.

Democratic candidate John Fetterman, Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor, released a campaign video Wednesday afternoon highlighting homes purportedly owned by Oz, including one in Cumberland, Maine. Fetterman’s campaign again referenced the home with a picture in a later tweet, calling the property a “pristine mansion” and saying “Oz for Maine 2024.”  

Fetterman’s campaign video comes in response to Oz saying at a county fair over the past weekend that he “legitimately” owns two homes. The Democrat’s campaign has been critical of Oz for what he says are the Republican candidate’s lack of ties to Pennsylvania.

However, Oz himself does not own the property on Foreside Road in the Cumberland Foreside neighborhood that the town of Cumberland assesses at $3.9 million.

A home owned by Mehmet Oz’s wife, Lisa Oz, in Cumberland. The property, assessed at $3.9 million by the town, is located in the Cumberland Foreside neighborhood. Credit: Courtesy of town of Cumberland

Oz’s wife Lisa, whose maiden name is Lemole, owns the property with her sister, Laura, according to a 2015 property tax record. The property had been transferred without payment from their father, Gerald, that year. However, Laura is not listed as having ownership in Cumberland assessment records.

The latter tweet from the Fetterman campaign did say that it was “Oz’s family” that owned the home rather than the candidate himself.

The property appears to have been in the family of Oz’s wife’s for some time: Laura Lemole married her husband there in 2001. Lisa Oz’s parents also bought a property on Tomlinson Road in Freeport in 2012, according to property records.

Oz has previously spoken about spending time at the Cumberland home, saying in a 2010 interview with Portland Monthly that he comes up several times in the summer and also spends the winter holidays there.