As the new school year begins, so does the Education Leaders Experience for the Lambda Class cohort. Twenty-seven educational leaders from across the state join together to connect with employers and identify career opportunities for high school students.

“We’re working together to drive the economic landscape for all of Maine,” shared Jason Judd, executive director at Educate Maine.

How do business and education work together?

Unum created the Education Leaders Experience program with key partners and has invested more than $500,000 over the past 11 years. It is administered by Educate Maine in partnership with the Maine Principals’ Association and University of New England Online.

“ELE offers educators a unique professional development opportunity to engage with community, business, and policy leaders across Maine,” said Cary Olson-Cartwright, assistant vice president of Corporate Social Responsibility at Unum. “It’s amazing to witness the connections made each year because of this program.”

Participants work together for a year to learn about Maine’s workforce challenges and opportunities, the economy and the critical role education plays in economic growth.
Participants visit employers each month to study key regional economic drivers and develop advocacy skills to understand how to support policy changes that lead to better career and life outcomes for students.

“Educators need resources, assistance, and opportunities to grow in their careers,” said Judd. “The fact that Educate Maine and its partners continue to provide assistance in those areas benefits a new generation of Maine employees.”

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