A man walks a pair of dogs on the beach at Pine Point in Scarborough on Monday morning April 19, 2021 at sunrise. Credit: Troy R. Bennett / BDN

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If Cindy Adams and her BMW ever venture to Maine again, I suggest she come looking for things that matter. Then, and only then, will she find them.

If she wanted New York City fashion and dining, why didn’t she just stay home? We Mainers don’t visit the city expecting pine trees, clam flats, and LL Bean boots. Was she honestly shocked to find rural sights in Maine? I’m no world traveler, but a simple Google search could have spared her the culture shock that obviously made her forget her manners.

Here in Maine, we judge people by their character. Their work ethic. Their loyalty. Their heart. You know, the heart that sits just under the left pocket of the flannel shirt. We find said heart to be a much better indicator of a person’s integrity than the size of their derriere. Are we to believe that she is too sophisticated to spend a few days here in Maine but not sophisticated enough to understand that body shaming is cruel and boorish? Ayuh.

I don’t think she understands that despite the breath-taking beauty of Maine, the best things here aren’t things at all. They are people. Our people. We help each other. We shovel our neighbors out in snow storms. We do community fundraisers when one of us needs help. When someone on our street is away, we keep an eye on their home. We pull over to help a stranded person change a tire. We care about each other. We take pride in where we live and the people who live here. Many of us who are born here never leave because we can’t imagine being anywhere else. Yes, even New York City. She could learn a lot about a life well-lived from a Mainer.

If she does ever make it back, she should look past what isn’t here and see all that is.

Shianne Priest

Old Town