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Few hunters are treated to the kind of incredible wild animal show that occurred recently in the North Maine Woods.

The folks at Billy Jack Brook Adventures were generous enough to share this video of a once-in-a-lifetime hunting experience that demonstrates how bears behave when there’s a gathering at a bait site and cubs are part of the equation.

Two men had climbed into the stand to watch a sow and its cubs as they visited the bait barrel. Suddenly, the three clubs scramble high into a tree as though to escape some kind of danger.

That’s when a confrontation erupts on the ground between two growling bears. The sow and an intruder bear get into a brief scuffle that includes loud vocalizations, apparently involving competition for the food, or maybe to protect the cubs.

Within a few seconds, the sow appears to run off the unwelcome bear and return to its snacking.

Two weeks into Maine’s black bear season, and many hunters have already been successful — 1,513 bears have been taken statewide through Tuesday — while other folks have done a lot of waiting before they even have the chance to see a target bear visit a bait site.

Many thanks to Billy Jack Brook Adventures for sharing this awesome video with Bangor Daily News readers.

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