An adult female deer tick. Credit: Courtesy of Griffin Dill

The Maine CDC says the state is on track to break records for several tick-borne diseases this year, and it’s advising people to take extra precautions against tick bites this fall.

The agency is reporting more than 1,900 cases of Lyme disease so far this year, compared with roughly 1,500 last year.

It’s also identified 700 cases of anaplasmosis and 161 cases of babesiosis , which at this point fall shy of last year’s totals.

The state also recorded four cases of Powassan encephalitis — the highest ever in Maine.

CDC officials urge individuals to perform daily tick checks and to use insect repellant and wear clothing that covers arms and legs when in tick habitat, such as wooded or leafy areas.

This story appears through a media partnership with Maine Public.